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Will carpet cleaning remove dog urine

Will carpet cleaning remove dog urine

This is by far the most common question we are asked, there are multiple variables to consider when answering this question. The first thing we must do is understand exactly what happens when your furry friend has an accident on your carpet.

Only a small portion of the urine will stay on the surface and soak into the fibers, majority of the liquid will run straight down into the carpet backing, padding and can even reach the sub floor. Polypropylene carpet is almost completely waterproof so almost all of the liquid runs straight down, nylon and wool Are more absorbent so the fibers will soak up the urine, but a good chunk will still make its way into the backing.

Other factors that need to be considered are the breed and size of the animal and the severity of the contamination.

A UV is used to identify the main problem areas so the treatment can be applied appropriately.

To treat urine stains and smells effectively isn't always an easy process, sometimes we will suggest replacement as the carpet may be old and worn anyway or the contamination is so severe it would be more cost effective to simply replace the carpet and seal the subfloor.

When urine is dry there is no smell, but when it is wet, or it is a humid day the moisture reactivates the crystals in the urine and the Odour will come back even worse! This is why when we treat urine, a standard steam clean will not fix the smell, we need to treat the urine with specific chemicals to stop any smells.

So, the answer the question, yes carpet cleaning can remove urine smells and stains, but it needs to be done properly by a technician who understands chemistry, if the carpet is severely contaminated replacement, is the only option.



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