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Level 1 Wash

The basic wash is designed for synthetic rugs that are only lightly

soiled, if your rug has staining, urine or other liquid based contamination our level 2 wash is highly recommended (Urine effected rugs will need the level 2 wash as a minimum)

Level 2 - Industrial Wash

The level 2 industrial wash is perfect for synthetic rugs that are moderately soiled with more severe staining and discolouration, the level 2 wash includes urine decontamination enzyme treatment if necessary.

Level 3 - Delicate Fibre Wash

Our level 3 delicate fibre wash will take care of any delicate fibres without causing damage, some examples of delicate fibres include wool, silk, viscose, cotton, wool blends and leather. These rugs are treated to all the inclusions we have available and are gently hand washed and gently scrubbed. The level 3 wash is also great for synthetic rugs that are extremely dirty or contaminated and need extra cleaning.


When placing an online rug collection service please ensure to add a contact number, once the booking is placed you will receive a call regarding pick up times and dates.


Thank you !

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