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Carpet cleaning

We travel all over Mackay to bring our excellent services right to your doorstep!

  • Carpet Cleaner Mackay

  • Carpet Cleaner South Mackay

  • Carpet Cleaner East Mackay

  • Carpet Cleaner Paget

  • Carpet Cleaner Ooralea

  • Carpet Cleaner Bakers Creek

  • Carpet Cleaner Palmyra

  • Carpet Cleaner Mount Pleasant

  • Carpet Cleaner Andergrove

  • Carpet Cleaner Mackay Harbour

  • Carpet Cleaner Farleigh

  • Carpet Cleaner Blacks Beach

  • Carpet Cleaner The Leap

  • Carpet Cleaner Hay Point

  • And many more...

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Our 3 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

We take our time with every job and access each scenario for the best outcome, no corners are cut. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our Professional Carpet Cleaning service offers a comprehensive, deep clean to restore your carpets to their former glory. We pre-vacuum the carpets to remove loose dirt and debris, then tailor our chemical selection to remove any stubborn stains. Finally, we use a hot water extraction method to leave your carpets feeling fresh and clean.

Pre Vacuum


Stain removal

Chemical selection for stains

Hot Water Extract

Hot Water Extract 

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