Mattress cleaning

Should I Get My Mattress Cleaned

When you sleep on a mattress over time the dead skin cells will fall off your body and work there way into the mattress, the can cause a wide variety of issues especially if you have respiratory issues such as asthma. You may throw some clean sheets and linen on and feel clean but the issue starts with the mattress. Dirt, dust mites, bacteria, stains, or odours could all be present in your mattress effecting your sleep and health.

Keeping it Fresh Carpet Cleaning offer steam cleaning services to clean your mattress and eliminate any bacteria that may be hiding away, some of the benefits of having this service complete are:

  • Eliminate Mites and Bed Bugs

  • Remove Built up Dust

  • Reduce Allergic Reactions

  • Avoid Complications with Skin 

  • Eliminate bad Odours and Staining