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Carpet cleaning pricing


Budget bliss

This budget friendly package is great for a quick "Freshen up" for Synthetic carpets that have minimal staining.  This option includes the Following:

  • Pre-vacuum

  • Chemical Pre-Treatment

  • Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)


  • Bedrooms = $50

  • Master Bedroom = $65

  • Hallways = $30

  • Stairs = $40

  • Living/Dining = $100

*Not suitable for wool or carpets that are contaminated with urine, blood, feces or high levels of pet hair. This package is designed for carpets that are well maintained and only require a basic service.


Radiant refresh

Need a more intensive clean? Then this is the package for you! This option Includes the following:

  • Pre-vacuum

  • UV light inspection to locate urine

  • Urine Treatment

  • Spot Treatment

  • Heavy Duty Agitation

  • Anti-microbial Deodoriser

  • Chemical Pre-Treatment


  • Bedrooms = $70

  • Master Bedroom = $85

  • Hallways = $45

  • Stairs = $55

  • Living/dining $130

*This package includes treatment of all organic contaminants including blood, urine, feces and also will include removal of pet hair. Designed for carpets that have not been regularly maintained and need a higher level of treatment and time. This extra level of treatment can be added to any area for $20.


Stain vanish pro

Now we are getting serious, This option is the treatment and attempted removal of some of the more difficult spots that need specialist attention. 

This option also includes the use of a tool called a "Water-claw" that is designed to pull moisture from the backing, we can use this to flush out large spills where the liquid has penetrated too deep for a surface level clean.

This advanced level of stain treatment is charged at a rate of $40 per 15 minutes of treatment, majority of stains will be successfully removed within this time, but we cannot guarantee how long any particular stain or odour will take to rectify. This extra service can be added to any service we provide regardless of what package you select. 

We assess all stains prior to commencement and will let you know if it is worth while paying for the treatment or if the treatment is necessary.

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