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can carpet cleaning cause mould ?

Can Carpet Cleaning cause mould:

Any process that involves moisture and prolonged dry times can cause mould. Luckily a professional technician knows how to identify any potential mould prior to starting work and treat it accordingly.

The chances of developing mould after a carpet cleaning service if there was none already present is slim, but it can happen.

The main reason for this is untrained or lazy cleaning technicians.... instead of picking the correct chemistry, they simply turn the Machines up to full blast and hope the heat and high pressure will do all the work (spoiler alert, it doesn't) the downside to this is your left with soaked carpets. As a rule of thumb, we give all our customers a dry time of 3-6 hours, very rarely will it take longer then 4 hours with adequate airflow and the correct steps during the cleaning phase.


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