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Pet Urine Removal Marsden Park

We were faced with a tricky job in Marsden park, the client had 2 dogs that unfortunately had some accidents inside on the Carpets and Rugs, these had been left for a long time and the owner tried some over the counter cleaners which only made things worse.

We arrived and assessed the situation, we determined that the areas needed to be flushed due to a high amount of soap and solvent residue left over from the cleaner that was used. We rinsed the stained areas multiple times until all residue was gone. Once this process was completed we then treated the areas with an enzyme to kill bacteria and neutralise the urine to help stop and smells, we then performed a steam clean throughout the house which lifted the stains out. The last step was to Deodorise the area to help prevent further smells.

It is very important to never use over the counter stain or urine treatments, these products can be counter productive and make professional steam cleaning and stain removal services harder.

The Carpet and Rugs ended up looking awesome, happy customers !

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