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Carpet Cleaning Mackay - Odours and Stains

Updated: Jul 2

We attended a end of lease clean, the tenant had animals inside the house that unfortunately had urinated on the carpets, with the real estate agent threatening keeping the tenants bond they were in need of a quality service, Keeping it Fresh Carpet Cleaning answered the call for help !

We attended the premises where we viewed a lot of animal hair deep in the fibres a long with a strong urine smell and stains. This is the process we did to achieve awesome results:

1) Pre-Vacuum

2) Use our industrial Counter Rotating Scrubber to collect hair deep in the fibres

3) Locate Urine with a UV light

4) Use a urine enzyme to treat all the urine spots and smells

5) Pre spray a decontamination chemical throughout the house on the carpets

6) Extracted with our Truckmount

This process left the carpets smelling fresh and lifted all the stains, the client received the bond back !! Removing stains and Odours all over Mackay.



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